This website is one of the platforms to address the challenges faced by the mineworkers in Rajasthan.

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To organize the mineworkers under one umbrella organization, and to sensitize them about their rights, a mineworkers union has been set up. This union has 4 branches at Jodhpur, Bikaner, Nagaur, and Barmer with a total 4764 members. To help the mineworkers escape the clutches of debt and bondage labour, and to provide them with an oppotunity to save, 46 SHGs have been formed. The SHGs take intrenal loans and have set up small businnesses for income generation. In addition, 5 cooperative shops are being run by the SHGs. In 2006 alone, 40 awareness generation camps were organized to raise awareness on issues such as Mines Acts, hygiene and nutrition, health and safety, and child labour. Health care has always been neglected among the mineworkers. Thus, medical camps are conducted across Western Rajasthan, to ensure that mineworkers can access medical facilities. Critically ill patients, needing diagnostic help and hospital care are referred to he nearest health centers or hospitals. In addition, education on HIV/AIDS and provision of basic eye care services have recentlly been added to the medical camps. To provide education to the children of the mineworkers, 5 schools have been set up, and 274 children are enrolled across the 5 schools. To promote the cause of the mineworkers, advocacy is a must. Thus, through various measures such as iling writ with FIAN, appealing to the President of India, filing PILs in the High court, and media coverage GRAVIS and HEDCON are trying consistenly to attract the attention to the issue.

Sixty eyes are staring at you. All are shining, in the small, dim room of the primary school at Bhil Basti, Jodhpur. Whose parents work in the mine?
Silently, everyone puts the little hand up.
Do you want to work in the mine too?
Without faltering, all the faces are swung sideways.
What so you want to do then?
An elder girl raises her hand. I want to be a doctor.
It is a nice dream. When she becomes a lady doctor, she will save hundreds and thousands of people from diseases and injuries in this, or other, community.

Any other dreams?

There is no voice to be heard. Not even a faint murmur. Sixty eyes drift around the classroom, from the faces of other children to the wall, as if searching for a small light of hope lying somewhere."


The interventions by GRAVIS and HEDCON toward the challenges of the mineworkers have been:

- Forming mineworkers union

- Forming Self Help Groups of mineworkers

- Setting up schools for child labourers

- Organizing awareness generation camps, public hearings, and medical camps

- Providing legal assistance to mineworkers

- Advocating the cause of the mineworkers


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